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The WE Study

Primary Data Collection:

The Well-Being and Experiences (WE) Study

The WE Study Logo
The WE Study aims to learn more about the health, well-being and experiences of adolescents, parents and families in Manitoba. The goal of the project is to improve health and well-being for adolescents and their families by learning about their positive and adverse experiences and how they relate to mental health, physical health and education, social, and justice outcomes. The baseline data was collected in 2017-2018 and included 1,000 adolescents aged 14 to 17 years, paired with 1,000 parents or caregivers. The adolescents, now emerging adults, have participated in additional waves of data collection each year until 2022, and the parents or caregivers they were paired with have participated in one additional wave of data collection in 2022.
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