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childhood adversity, improve health

Research to prevent child maltreatment and thereby change a child’s trajectory, improve health, and strengthen families

Child maltreatment, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Mental health, Psychiatric epidemiology

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Our longitudinal and intergenerational

study among Adolescents in Manitoba, Canada

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Cardioautonomic lability assessed by heart rate variability changes in Royal Canadian Mounted Police cadets during the cadet training program

Taylor A. Teckchandani, J. Patrick Neary, Katie L. Andrews, Kirby Q. Maguire, Laleh Jamshidi, Jolan Nisbet, Robyn E. Shields, Tracie O. Afifi, Shannon Sauer-Zavala, Lisa M. Lix, Rachel L. Krakauer, Gordon J. G. Asmundson, Gregory P. Krätzig, R. Nicholas Carleton

Frontiers in Psychology


Child maltreatment history, deployment-related traumatic events, and past 12-month cannabis use among Veterans in Canada

Tracie O Afifi, Tamara Taillieu, Samantha Salmon, Ashley Stewart-Tufescu, Jitender Sareen, Murray W Enns, Natalie Mota, Shay-Lee Bolton, R Nicholas Carleton, Alexandra Heber, Linda VanTil

The Canadian Journal of Psychiatry

Training Platform

Strengthening Research Capacity to Address Evidence Gaps on

Child Maltreatment and Child Welfare

Research training, child maltreatmen research
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