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childhood adversity, improve health

Research to prevent child maltreatment and thereby change a child’s trajectory, improve health, and strengthen families

Child maltreatment, Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Mental health, Psychiatric epidemiology

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Our longitudinal and intergenerational

study among Adolescents in Manitoba, Canada

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Psychometric properties of a Persian Version of the Perceived Stress Scale (PSS) in Military Personnel

Mirzaee, A; Ruckwongpatr, K; Saffari, M; Sharif-Nia, H; Sanaeinasab, H; Rashidi-Jahan, H; Rahmati, F; Afifi, TO; Al Zaben, F; Koenig, HG; Lin, CY

Military Behavioral Health


Investigating social determinants of child health and their implications in reducing pediatric traumatic injury: A framework and 17-year retrospective case-control protocol

Hunter Goodon ,Justin Gawaziuk ,Brenda Comaskey ,Tracie O. Afifi ,Dan Château ,Marni Brownell ,Jitender Sareen ,Cora Morgan ,Sarvesh Logsetty ,Rae Spiwak

Plos One

Training Platform

Strengthening Research Capacity to Address Evidence Gaps on

Child Maltreatment and Child Welfare

Research training, child maltreatmen research
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