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Research Training Platform (RTP)

Research Training Platform

Current Goals and Objectives

The overall goals of the Research Training Platform project are to increase research capacity to generate impactful research by developing knowledge, skills, and connections between students/trainees, knowledge users, and scientific experts with the aim of preventing and reducing the impact of child maltreatment, improving child welfare practices, and making effective interventions accessible across contexts in Canada.



To build research capacity

including foundational knowledge and skills among public health and child maltreatment/welfare trainees, knowledge users, and scientific experts to prevent child maltreatment and related detrimental health and social outcomes, and to improve the child welfare systems in Canada.


To create a collaborative and engaged research network

of child maltreatment and child welfare trainees, knowledge users, and scientific experts that is sustainable and founded on principles of reciprocal relationships and evidence-based and trauma- and violence-informed practices.


To reduce the gap between research and practice

using evidence-based implementation science guided by the principals of cultural safety and health equity to improve child welfare and outcomes for children in Canada.

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