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Dr. Tamara Taillieu, PhD


Dr. Taillieu is an Assistant Professor and Research Scientist at the Manitoba Centre for Health Policy (MCHP) in the Department of Community Health Sciences, and a Research Associate with the Child Adversity and Resilience (CARe) Research Team at the University of Manitoba. Dr. Taillieu completed her Doctorate in the Applied Health Sciences Program at the University of Manitoba in 2019. She also completed the Applied Counselling Certificate (ACC) program with a specialization in addictions in June 2022.



2008-2011 Master of Science, Family Social Sciences, “The Impact of Aggressive Parental Disciplinary Strategies Implemented in Childhood on Externalizing and Internalizing Problem Behaviour in Early Adulthood”


2011-2019 Doctorate of Philosophy, Applied Health Sciences Program, “Violence and Pregnancy: Pregnancy, Maternal, and Child Outcomes from Birth to 5-Years Post-Delivery”


Dr. Taillieu’s primary research interests focus on the effects of child maltreatment, intimate partner violence, and other traumatic events on physical and mental health (including substance use) across the lifespan. She is also currently working on a number of projects examining factors that influence the health and well-being among military personnel and first responders in Canada.


Dr. Taillieu has been involved in all aspects of the research process including coding and statistical analyses using several large, epidemiological datasets; drafting and editing manuscripts for publication; and the design and implementation of primary data collection in Manitoba.


Awards and Recognitions

  • 2019 Applied Health Sciences Nominee for Governor General’s Gold Medal

  • 2017 Research Manitoba Health Research Postdoctoral Fellowship Award (Declined)

  • 2016 Children’s Hospital Research Institute of Manitoba Silver Award for PhD Student Research Poster

  • 2015 Evelyn Shapiro Award for Health Services Research

  • 2015 Graduate Student Thesis Award in the Area of Child Development

  • 2015 Marion Vaisey-Genser Graduate Award

  • 2011 Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (Doctoral)

  • 2011 University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (Doctoral)

  • 2010 Alfred Rea Tucker Memorial Scholarship

  • 2009 Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Canada Graduate Student Master’s Scholarship

  • 2008 Manitoba Graduate Scholarship (Master’s)

  • 2008 University of Manitoba Graduate Fellowship (Master’s) (Declined)

  • 2008 Faculty of Human Ecology Program Medal (Family Social Sciences)

  • 2008 Shirley Joy Hechter Memorial Award

Dr. Tamara Taillieu. Childhood Adversity and Resilience (CARe) research team

Max Rady College of Medicine
Community Health Sciences
Room 306 Human Ecology Building – 35 Chancellor’s Circle
University of Manitoba
Winnipeg, Manitoba R3T 2N2


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